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Pearls and Attributes Guide
6:42 AM 1/23/2013 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]

Regarding Pearl Levels-

A most common belief is that s-lvl3 pearls are equivalent to lvl4 pearls - which is unfortunately incorrect. Although these pearls generaly display the same values, these values are incorrect (a probable reason is someone messed up the translations.)



S-Attack lvl 3 and Attack lvl 4 both display an increase of 48 points of offence in the text.


S-Attack lvl 3 = 48 points of Offense


Attack lvl 4 = actually adds 60 points of Offense


Pearl Table


Attributes and Pearls-

Equipping full harm pearls are generally good only for characters who are level 25 or below. When you reach mid to high levels of 30 to 40 and above, it is always best to even out your stats considering the fact...

Exciting Click-Shopping Experience

11:37 PM 10/10/2012 - 1 comments - [ post comment ]

If you've been checking my website, you can pretty much tell that my entire life revolves around the internet. I work online, check news online and even shop online, I can barely recall a day without me surfing the web.


Anyway, lets talk about online shopping. Lately I've been addicted to and Yes!!I admit it, I'm one of those bargain hunting ladies, who narrows down the cheapest stuff before finalizing the purchase. Oh I'm not ashamed...

Baguio to Bolinao Travel Guide
6:52 AM 6/10/2011 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]

My fiance and I have been looking forward to going to Bolinao. I think the last time I visited the province was 2-3 years ago and I'm pretty sure the place have changed a lot eversince.



Knowing that this will be the first time that I will bring my fiance there, I am so excited to the point where I made sure everything's prepared a month before the trip. For 1 month, I've searched the internet for good and affordable places to stay in Bolinao. I've relied so much in these blogs and found out that the most expensive resorts are Treasures of Bolinao, Puerto del Sol and Punta Riviera while Bings Beach Resort and Solomons Paradise are few of the cheapest ones. With the information I gathered from all these blogs, we've set aside 7,500.00 pesos for the resort accomodation, food and fare, plus, 1,000.00 pesos extra pocket money.


The travel from Baguio to Bolinao will...

Shocking Natural Disasters

10:36 AM 5/27/2011 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]


My daily routine includes reading newspapers, well thats is if they bought one. In todays news, I've read about the deadly tornado which hit Missouri just recently. It is said to be the strongest to hit the heart of America within ages. This kind of news interests me alot, I'm pretty sure that most of us are.


Here in my country, Philippines (a tropical country), we only have 2 seasons the rainy season and summer. We don't experience snow and hale storms just like in America or Europe. Seeing and feeling a real snow is actually in the top of my "wishlist". We also don't have tornadoes like that of Missouri and Oklahoma, but recently, I have read some news about small tornadoes hitting some of our countrys' provinces specially in the south.


I think the first time I've learned of a tornado hitting our country was about 2 years ago, but that was just a small one which...

Fashion101: Fashion H&M Not!!

2:05 AM 5/17/2011 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]

Hair and Make-up


There's no denying that most girls love to wear make-up. Some prefer a natural look but some prefer to wear make-up in a more fun and creative way. As for me, I go for natural looks on casual days and somewhat creative make-up for some occassions. I really don't like doing it over the top, I still prefer neat and cleanly done make-up.


Having said that, I understand that the fashion industry tries to make new in-looks which they think will be the new trend. However, most of  these in-looks that they keep pushing doesn't really suit the taste of many women. Maybe these looks just look great on models on runways or some actresses, but please try to consider what other people say.


I have browsed almost all the styles...

Religion or Science

1:24 PM 5/1/2011 - 3 comments - [ post comment ]

I am a Roman Catholic, well at least thats what's written in my certificate of baptismal. We are all Roman Catholic in our family and we all fear God without a doubt.


My mother used to tell me that by praying, all your wishes will come true and all the pain will go away. I used to believe that when I was still young but when I grew up, I matured and started to understand the things involving religion and science.


My older sister and I studied at a private catholic school when we were in elementary. In her case, she got to study at a private catholic school from elementary to college. I got fed up with that school, we always pray. Can you imagine having to pray every single time; during the flag ceremony every morning, before and after every subjects, before and after recess breaks, before and after lunch and ofcourse before we get dismissed we also pray. My life in that...

Google Adsense: Pros and Cons

2:15 AM 4/26/2011 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]

Ah..the very famous money generating application, the giant "Google Adsense".


For someone who owns a blog or website, one would do anything just to get accepted by Adsense. I mean who wouldn't, it's a fast and easy way to earn money, just blog or write then presto "money".


I have created a website before which got accepted by Adsense in just 24 hours, I think that was year 2009 when Google Adsense wasn't that strict in accepting applications. Anyway, I made around a hundred dollars in just 2 months, ofcourse I wouldn't deny that I was happy. When I received a letter from Google which contained the code to verify my Adsense account, I felt like I'm going to be rich and this is the start of my new life.alt


Well, I was wrong, when I entered the verification code,...

Mesmerizing Paradise

6:18 AM 4/24/2011 - 0 comments - [ post comment ]

It's been years since I went to Bolinao, Pangasinan. Bolinao is the province of my late grandmother in my mother's side. It is a small province in the farthest edge of Pangasinan. From our city, Baguio, it's a gruesome 5-8 hour trip which ofcourse depends on what form of transportation you will use. From our place, you can take a bus ride or if you have more budget, you can rent a car for a more fun roadtrip.


Writing this blog makes me miss that province more. I can't even describe the feeling of seeing that beautiful paradise again. Eventhough I mentioned that the trip takes very long, it's all worth it once you get there.


Unlike the city, there are no malls in that province, not much technology, no disco or cafe's or bar, all you have to do is enjoy the wonders that the nature brings.


Bolinao is blessed with breathtaking landscapes and beaches. The first view that...

Animal Kingdom Fun Facts

5:49 AM 4/5/2011 - 5 comments - [ post comment ]

The animal kingdom never fails to amuse us. Animals, including us humans, all have different and unique traits which is either amusing, interesting, weird or just plain old and ordinary.


I know that we've all been drawn by the cuteness of our pets, no matter how stubborn a person is there's always a soft side wanting to cuddle that cute and adorable pet. Nobody can't deny the fact that animals can change our moods in an instant. Some hospitals even use cats and dogs as a tool for therapy. It's like humans and animals have a deep connection which helps both understand each other.


As a child, I grew up reading books about the animal kingdom and I also enjoy watching educational programs such as Discovery and National Geographic channel. I'm so amused by how animals communicate and by how they react ro their environment, their life seems so simple and innocent.


By watching...

The Uh-oh Awkward Moments

3:56 AM 4/3/2011 - 1 comments - [ post comment ]

Imagine living in a place where everything is perfect, no mistakes, just pure perfection. The idea of having a perfect world is what most of us desire, but do you know that having a perfect life means having a boring life? Perfection is when everyone doesn't make any mistake and sophistication is a must. If you think of it, we are all lucky to be living in this corrupted and imperfect world. WIthout imperfection, our lives would be dull. For me, imperfection is they key in understanding and accepting one another. It is the key to a more fun and colorful life.


Talking about imperfection, us humans wouldn't evolve without making and learning from our own mistakes. Our mistakes are the ones which makes us a better person, in short, our own mistakes are our best teacher.


When it comes to commtting a mistake, an awkward moment is always present. Awkward moments can be sometimes funny or serious, but sometimes...

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