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ddtank aiming guide
12:08 AM on 1/4/2011

DDtank is a cute on-line multiplayer game which is very similar to GunBound and Worms. Anyone who owns a computer can play this game without any downloads, just log-in and play.


In this game, players must hit their opponents by aiming properly using the correct angles for their shots. Although it may seem easy, hitting your enemy is still abit tough even if you know the distance.  


During the battle, use  "↑ ↓" arrow keys to adjust the angle, and measure the distance from your enemy. Take note that one screen is equal to distance 10 and half screen is equal to distance 5. Some stages are too wide that distances reaches up to 20, so be very careful with distance calculation. 


Now let's talk about the very famous 90 degree angle shots. These shots are often used to hit an enemy with a distance of 10 or more because of it's accuracy and usefulness when it comes to digging stages. The calculation of 90 degree angle shots are abit confusing at first but it's really easy once you've mastered it.  A player using 90 degree angle shots should know how to calculate the correct angle based on the distance of the enemy and the wind.


To calculate the correct angle for a 90 degree angle shot, set the marker of the strength to 95 (this is the standard str used in 90 degree angle shots) and measure the distance from your enemy. After measurement, +/- add or subtract the distance from 90. For example, if your distance from your enemy is 10 then your angle should be set to 80 at 0 (zero) wind. Calculating the angle of a 90 degree angle shot based on the wind force is actually pretty easy. To set the right angle based on the wind force, just multiply the tailwind or headwind by 2 (two) then +/- add or subtract it to 90, for example, if you distance from your enemy is 10 and the tailwind is 2.5 then your angle should be set to 85.


To explain it clearer, the formula is simply

STR=95 ; Angle=X


Where X is:

90 degrees - {DISTANCE +/- (WINDFORCEx2) }


When factoring the wind for 50, 65, and 90 degree angles, simply multiply the windforce by two (2) and add/subtract that number to your angle.

Kindly refer to the link below, for a list of the corresponding values of strength of angles 30, 50, and 60. 



The guide included values for 65 sr powershots before, but we opted to remove it later on since the values were relative because they were very dependent to the distance of the target and/or wind strength (i.e. as opposed to the 95 str powershot, there is no constant value for the 65 str powershot/semi high.)


Lastly, the guide is for beginners. Experienced players have absolutely no need for it (although the bg mod is pretty convenient for measuring distance) since at that level, you probably already have your own reference material inside your head along with additional tweaks to the core values represented in the table.

(e.g. Even at similar elevations, I myself still avoid using 65 and 50 angles as much as possible for distances 15 and above because I have found them to be too risky and sometimes inaccurate depending on the windforce.)




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